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I have a sheet that currently takes a start date and adds a number of years from another column to create an end date:

=IF(OR(ISBLANK([Contract Start Date]60)), "", IF(OR(ISBLANK([Contract Period (Years)]60)), "", DATE(YEAR([Contract Start Date]60) + [Contract Period (Years)]60, MONTH([Contract Start Date]60 - 1), DAY([Contract Start Date]60 - 1))))

This works great for adding whole years. However, I need to change the column to Contract Length in Months (most are over 12 months and quite often 36/48/60/72 months but can be anything from 1 month.)

I can't work out how to get a formula to either take the number of months, convert it to years and then add it to the start date to get an end date or add the number of months to the start date in another way (that I haven't thought of)

Does anyone have any ideas?


Thanks in advance!




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