Can't build an alert - formula-based email not acceptable


Hello community! Anyone have a work-around for this? Here's the situation:

I’ve created a vlookup formula in my sheet to obtain an email address from another sheet, and then want to alert someone using the email address result from the formula. When I go to build the condition in the alert (for approval), the alert will not allow me to create the condition to send an alert to that email address. What’s the workaround?


1. When I define the email column as a text field it is not available in the alert to send an approval request to

2. When I change the definition of the email column to a contact list and then return to define the alert condition, I get the error message "Contact Column does not support formulas"; I've also tried other col defs, but the column doesn't show up as a selection option in the alert condition on anything other than type = contact list.