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Ann S
Ann S
edited 12/09/19 in Formulas and Functions


I am trying to write a formula to count whether a group is active or inactive and how many groups are active. There are a couple conditions though, column1: the cell must not be blank (if it blank, it should not count), column2 **is a dropdown menu with three choices** : the cell must either be blank or contain "training" to be counted. I want to count the group of 5 rows. If ALL FIVE ROWS are inactive it will need to count as inactive *it will also need to be aware if not all 5 rows are filled out but the ones that are filled out are inactive*. This will then need to be repeated for seven more groups. 


I attached a screenshot of the idea I'm thinking of. So crew 1 would still need to be counted as active while crew 2 is inactive. The name and status is submitted via a report and the level is found with a VLOOKUP.

Mock Trial.JPG


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