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I need to link about 50 cells in my Inventory sheet to the SAME cell in my Inventory Price sheet. Can I do that as a group? I tried selecting all the cells in my Inventory sheet, then selected the linking option, navigate to the Inventory Price Sheet and select the cell I need linked to ALL 50 cells. Using this process it only populates the first cell in my range.

Any thoughts?


  • L_123
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    You cannot do this with cell linking. You need to instead use a column reference and return the indexed range.


    =index({Column Reference from other sheet},1)

    Will return the first value in the column. you can either manually type 1 - 50 in each cell to reference each of the returns, or if you start at the top of your page you can do something like

    =index({Column Reference from other sheet},1+count([Current Column]$1:[CurrentColumn]1)) 


    in the second cell then drag it down.

  • Paul Newcome
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    You can cell link multiple cells at the same time so long as both groupings are of the same size (and shape). For example. If you want to cell link 50 cells down a row, you would select those 50 cells, link from other cell, then select the other 50 cells. They would have to be 50 cells down a single row for that to work though. If you are linking a 3 x 4 grid, highlight the area, link from other cell, then select a 3 x 4 grid on the other sheet. If the row and column counts don't match up it won't work.


    From what it sounds like though... You are wanting to combine the data from 50 cells into 1 cell in which case you would use a JOIN function and reference another sheet.

  • StephanieR

    Hi Paul,

    I'm so sorry about the VERY tardy delay in responding. Thank you for the input. I always appreciate learning about new functions. I normally have very basic sheets, but have been forced to go to the next SmartSheet level!

  • Hope C.
    Hope C. ✭✭

    In my case, I have a contact list sheet (with contact details), and a project list sheet that only includes contacts' names. I want to be able to link a contact name on the project sheet to the contact name on the contact sheet so I don't have list the contact's details on every project they are associated with. This contact is not a contributor and does not have a SS account, so I don't want to "assign" them to the cells. By linking the two sheets, it reduces duplicity in listing the contacts information every time their name comes up on a project. And their contact information stays accurate because it is only listed once on the contact sheet. I ran into a problem today where I could not multi-select cells on my project sheet and link to the same contact on the contact list sheet. Is there another solution I should consider?