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Project Management: Notices to be sent out to clients



Good day,


I have ongoing jobs with my clients that require deadline notifications of 3-year renewals, annual  and quarterly requests along with reminders.  I use Smartsheet as a checklist with the various dates and when to start processing these reports.  

The issue that I am having is that my clients do not wish to log in and update the Smartsheet as in "Update Request" as they do not have the time.    I only wish for them to be allowed to see selected rows with attachments, so if I send in email using Reminder then I have to send the entire sheet.  I have to go through the process of re-sending the selected rows which is time consuming.


I would like to preset all my client's projects so that it is ongoing, but the present system is not allowing me.  Is there anyone that is faced with this issue that may be able to assist me/


Thanks in advance.


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