Scheduled but not done formula


I have a data set that has a Schedule Date (attached screen shot of data), and there is a column that has a check box that is referencing that field.

I send the Smartsjeet form to a user, and they put a check mark in the check box if they have completed.

If that box is not checked, and the date is later than today, I would like to identify that row, with either a word, like late or whatever. 

Been searching the globe and back for this answer.  Please help.  



  • Jason Tarpinian
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    edited 03/29/19

    =IF(AND(TODAY() > [SBR Date Q1]1),[SBR Q1 Completed]1<>1), "Late", "")

    or if you are using the orbs you can color it to:

    =IF(AND(TODAY() > [SBR Date Q1]1),[SBR Q1 Completed]1<>1), "Red", "")


    edited for the AND function

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