Resource allocation not matching project sheet allocation

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A member of my team is allocated resource on a project. The issue is that although they are only allocated to 85% on this project/task, it is showing as 100% in my resource view. I only have view access to the sheet and cant change that but am confused as to why this would be doing this


  • Jennifer Greenough
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    Do you know if any other sheets in the account may have Resource Management enabled? If they do and someone else has assigned that person to a task, in our experience that can show the resource as over allocated, even if you do not have access to view those other sheets. We actually don't use Resource Management within Smartsheet much at this point due to the challenges in keeping things clean, particularly as we had the number of sheets in the account grow.


  • Thanks for your reply. There are multiple other sheets that have resource management enabled and resource allocated. but I can view these. If you go into the sheet in question there is only 85% allocation to that team member on certain tasks if the 85% allocation is taken off it then does not show up in my resource view for that sheet. So it seems by allocating that 85% on sheet this equates to 100% on resource view. One thing to note this sheet is the only one using resource that I don't have edit access to.

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  • Jennifer Greenough
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    Hi there,

    I presume all these tasks are in succession and do not overlap. If that is the case and there are no other sheets that are using this resource during the same period I would contact Smartsheet support and determine if they can see what is happening. When we had a similar issue, after we did everything we could on the end user side, support was able to refresh something on the back end to get this problem to stop. Hopefully they can help.

    Sorry to not be of more help and I hope support can address this.


  • Thanks for your help. 

  • LGoller
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    In resource view, you can click the name of the person who is showing 100% and see what Project sheets are driving the 100% allocation.