Counting Parents on a sheet ignorning children.


Hi everyone, I have a sheet in which I have parents and children.  I only want to get a count of the parents.  I have seen other posts that recommend adding a blank line at the top and making everyone a child.   Is there another way around this?  I have attached a screen shot.  




  • LGoller
    LGoller ✭✭✭

    You could create a column "Children Counter" with the formula =COUNT(CHILDREN(Task1)), incrementally, in each line.

    All the parents will have a value greater than zero.

    Then in the cell where you want to count, use a formula such as: =COUNTIF([Children Counter]1:[Children Counter]13, >0).

    You can also use a flag that turns on if the Children Counter row has a value greater than 0, or use conditional formatting that changes color based on that formula.

    Finally, you could also create a report searching for the parent rows if that is helpful.

    I tested it and it seems to work. 

  • dwayne.waterman21236

    Thank you! that helped.

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