Problems using IF formula to calculate status

Miki Jeffers
Miki Jeffers ✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Formulas and Functions


First post for a new Smartsheet user.  I'm trying to do an status formula.  If my % Complete column is 0% then the status should read "Not Started", If the % Complete column is 100% then the status should read "Complete", any percentage in the % Complete column that is not 0% or 100% should read "In Progress".  I'm using the formula below, I'm getting a value but it's not the correct value.  Any time I change the % Complete, it doesn't update.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Formula: =IF([% Complete]47 = "0%", "Not Started", IF([% Complete]47 = "100%", "Completed", "In Progress"))




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