Automated update request not working - Resolved

edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

I set up a form that collects data and defaults a "status" column to 'Request Received.  I then set up a an automated update to send an update request to me whenever a new row is added and the status is 'Request Received".

Last week when I set this up it worked and I received the email and the alert in Smartsheets that I had an update request. However, This week when I went back to work with the sheet more, it was no longer working. I submitted data via the form and the row is getting added and the status is getting set but nothing is triggering. Its not email related because I am also not getting the alert in Smartsheets either. I can manually trigger an update but the automated trigger is not working.

I am an Admin and have a Business License and have my Alerts and Actions Permissions set to unrestricted. 

UPDATE: ok answered my own question. It worked it just took 2 hours for the trigger to occur.