Checking Some Children Rows but Not All

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Hi everyone, 

I'm somewhat new to Smartsheet and I'm still learning about formulas and functions. 

I have a parent row and 4 children row. If all 4 children rows are checked, that's great but it's most important that the last 3 are checked in order for the parent row to automatically be checked. 

I set up a function. =IF(AND([Residence Life]150 = 1), ([Residence Life]151 = 1), ([Residence Life]152 =1) = 1) but it's not reading the last cell in the function.

Any help is appreciated. 


  • Alejandra
    Alejandra Employee


    You're likely receiving an error message because the opened and closed parenthesis aren't needed for each AND statement. You're formula should look something like this:

    =IF(AND([Residence Life]150 = 1, [Residence Life]151 = 1, [Residence Life]152 =1), 1,0)

    Also as you see in the example above, remove the equals sign next to your 1 at the end.

    If needed, more information on AND function syntax can be found here:

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