COUNTIF Formula, exclude "FALSE" values

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I have a COUNTIF formula that is referencing multiple cells for a calculation depending on tier. If I use this version of the formula, the calculation will correctly exclude counting any cells with a "FALSE" value. If I have to skip a cell (i.e. can't use a colon reference to sum the data), then the formula counts the false values instead of excluding them.

Formula that works:

=IFERROR((SUM(BSF228, BSF229, BSF230, BSF231, BSF232, BSF233, BSF234, BSF235)), "FALSE") / (24 - (COUNTIF(BSF228:BSF235, "FALSE") * 3))

Formula that causes the FALSE values to be counted (in this example BSF234 needs to excluded in addition to any false values):

=IFERROR((SUM(BSF228, BSF229, BSF230, BSF231, BSF232, BSF233, BSF235)), "FALSE") / (21 - (COUNTIF(BSF228 + BSF229 + BSF230 + BSF231 + BSF232 + BSF233 + BSF235, "FALSE") * 3))

I also attached a screen shot for additional reference.In this screenshot, for Tier 2, the formula should exclude the FALSE values and row 234, so total should be 4/6= 67%, because only two of the values should be included, rows 229 and 235 instead of 4/21=19% which is bringing all the FALSE values in the calculation.

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    Can you share the sheet(s) or some screenshots with the row numbers and columns? (Delete/replace any confidential/sensitive information before sharing) That would make it easier to help. (share too,

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  • Alejandra
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    Hi Molly,

    In order for each cell to be evaluated individually within the COUNTIF function, the range must be formatted with a colon —like this BSF228:BSF235.

    I think easiest way to get the results you're looking for would be to include another criteria to the COUNTIF making it a COUNTIFS, that will ignore row number 234 based on a criteria.

    If I'm understanding this correctly, you may want to try a formula similar to this:

    =SUMIF([Primary Column] 228:[Primary Column]235, <> "SCORE Pre-flight Build (Unit)", BSF228:BSF235) / (COUNTIFS(BSF228:BSF235, <> "FALSE", [Primary Column] 228:[Primary Column]235, <> "SCORE Pre-flight Build (Unit)") * 3)

    I hope this helps!