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What is the best way to consolidate data from multiple sheets to a single row

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Hi, hope someone can help me.


I am using smartshheet as an internal onboarding process. This process requires me to collect data from 2 webforms entry for same client that autofills 2 different smartsheets, one smartsheet with about 20 colums and other with about 35 columns, OR a single webform to a single master smartsheet with at least 70 columns.


I use the data in sheet auto autofill data to Docu-sign app through apps integration and also smartsheet merge to make welcome pack docs containg info from webform entry


i need to combine this data together into a single format somehow.


I am trying reports and have tried cell linking but the fact that smartsheet uses row ID as logic, each time I enter a webform it completes in the next enpty row or when I run report it also enters on seperate rows..


Does the community have any ideas on how i can proceed to make this work?


thanks in advance 



  • Qman

    Just to be clear, I can get data showing into same place by designing report but I want to take two rows data of same clent in different sheets and combime to view in a single row.




  • Greg Hawk

    Cell linking would be your best bet, you would just need to link the cells AFTER the rows are added through the web form. You can link up to 500 cells at one time, so you could link over entire sections to make it quicker for you. 

  • Patrick Lawler



    This could also be accomplished using a product Azuqua. Using Azuqua you can set up workflows that would run whenever a new row is added to each of those individual sheets and then compile those into a single record on that middle sheet like you want to do. 


    I work for Azuqua being fully transparent, but this scenario has been accomplished very well. If you are interested in learning more check out the following link and let us know if you have any questions. 




    -Patrick Lawler

    Customer Success Manager

  • Diane

    I can testify that Patrick Lawler at Azuqua can be very helpful in assisting with Smartsheet automation. He's been working with us to automate some Smartsheet / Salesforce processes and it's very slick and will help us to operate much more efficiently.



  • Qman

    Thanks Guys, appreciate all the replies :-)


    Greg, I have tried the cell linking idea....it worked for me to an extent but when i had a call with smartsheet design team, they said definetely not way to have stable process that way.


    Patrick & Diana, thanks for advice to use Azuqua...i did do a trial..I remember you make zaps to automate process..I didnty complete there as was thinking can i do this without another app integration first and remian internal to smartsheet...answered my question now haha :-)


    thanks again




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