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Please see attachment.

I need help with counting the number of cells in a column, (see attachment: Column [Response Sufficient?]) that contains an exclamation mark(hold) or is blank.

I basically want to count the amount of RFIs with an exclamation mark or blank cell in the [Response Sufficient?] column.

I have used the following formula, but the result is "0" which is incorrect.

=countifs([Response Sufficient?]:[Response Sufficient?],"hold",[Response Sufficient?]:[Response Sufficient?],"")

When I want to only count the rows with exclamation marks I get the correct answer

=countif([Response Sufficient?]:[Response Sufficient?],"hold")

When I want to count the blank cells, it includes the blank cells of the blank rows, which I don't want. I only want the blank cells from the complete rows.

I hope that someone can help me.

Kind regards




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