Help with #Invalid Data Type Error

Heather KHeather K
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I have a RYGB column (Color Status) that has a formula =IF(AND([email protected] = 1, [Parent Check]@row = 1), "Blue", IF(ISNUMBER([Days Open]@row), IF([Days Open]@row >= 240, "Red", IF(AND([Days Open]@row > 119, [Days Open]@row < 240), "Yellow", "Green")))) which is working to give me the red, yellow, green or blue ball. 

In another column, I am trying to count all of the Reds from the Color Status column with the formula =COUNTIF([Color Status]:[Color Status], "Red"). However, this is giving me an #Invalid Data Type error.

Can anybody help me figure out why I'm getting this error? Thanks

Screenshot 1.jpg

Screenshot 2.jpg



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