unable to reach smartsheet.com. please check your internet connection

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On a shared sheet, only one person is having this pop up every time they go to save. What could be causing this? When he goes to save, it stays on the spinning wheel of "saving your data" for minutes until the error message pops up. 


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    If you haven’t already, I would recommend that you reach out to the Smartsheet Support Team. Smartsheet Support Team

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  • I contacted support yesterday. I have not received an email or call yet. 

  • Have you received a response on this? I too, (and everyone else in my organization) receives this message.

    My IT department says "So I've just finished a call with our support for our web proxies and they confirmed that we cannot support the use of what is called "WebSockets" going through the proxy. This means that we have no way of resolving the issue where it comes back and says "Unable to reach Smartsheet.com" after a few minutes. "

    I believe this can be resolved by my company making a VPN tunnel for Smartsheet, which will take some selling on my part, but I want to know if Smartsheet can do anything on their end regarding these "WebSockets"??

  • Hi Every one.

    I am trying to Login the Smart Sheet and trying to open a Tracker sheet which i am not able to open it ...It says "Unable to reach Please check your internet connection and try Again" as attached in screenshot.

    Please note i am able to access all other sheets in the Smart sheet App.

  • Genevieve P.
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    Hi @Srinivas Maregosu

    When did you experience this error? At 17:15 PDT time yesterday we received a few reports of errors similar to what you are seeing and our engineers implemented a fix that has resolved the issue (you can keep track of this on our Status page, here: https://status.smartsheet.com/).

    Should this error have occurred more recently, please try logging out of all instances of Smartsheet, then logging in again. You may also want to try a different browser or a different network. Our Help Center has other troubleshooting steps (see here).

    Finally, if none of this has resolved your issue, please contact Smartsheet Support (here) with the sheet URL and name, along with the screen capture above.



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    If only 1 person is having the issue, then try clearing browser. in chrome it's Ctrl & Shift & Delete