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cut and paste / drag and drop images

When will cut and paste / drag and drop images be available (such as excel)?  for quick user testing documentation and screen capture, this is very important.  the need to save off every pic, name it, reload it, is not user friendly.


  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Hi Cheryl,


    With images in grid, you can drag and drop, copy and paste images throughout your sheet. 


    If you are referring to files attached to a row, you can drag and drop files to and from your computer and Smartsheet. 


    Just note, not all browsers support drag and drop. 

  • I am trying to understand if I "copy" from a snippet program such as snagit, can I "paste" directly into the sheet?  ctrl c ctrl p?


  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Thanks for clarifying! You cannot paste images into Smartsheet. Images and files need to be uploaded to our servers before they can be displayed in the app. 

  • Hi Travis - are there plans to incorporate screenshot or image copy and paste into Smarsheet anytime soon? It would save a lot of time over taking the screenshot, saving the image in a location, navigating to that location in Smartsheet's attachment interface, and uploading the image.




  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Hi Adam, there are no immediate plans to allow you to copy/paste images into Smartsheet, but I will add your vote for it!


    If you want to attach an image to a row, you can drag and drop the image to the row, rather than using the uploading tool.

  • Adam Stoeckle
    edited 05/10/16

    Thanks Travis, that is helpful!

  • cwighton
    cwighton ✭✭✭

    Copy & Paste into smartsheet using Screen Clipping tool would be very helpful.

  • Sergio Arellano
    edited 09/25/18

    Hello Travis, 

    What would it take for this feature to be added to the immediate plans?

  • Laughton
    edited 12/21/18

    Hello. I am rallying to have Smartsheets work on having the VLOOKUP command so allow you to import an image from one sheet into another. Currently it only imports the image name which is not useful.

    If this would help your workflow please submit a Product Enhancement Request via this link. The more requests, the higher on the to-do list this feature will become. 

    UTILISATION: I have one Smartsheet which is my 'inventory' list. I have another 'order' sheet on which I use VLOOKUP command so that when I enter the product code / SKU the rest of the product information will auto-fill. Once of my columns of information is an image and it would be useful for the image to also import. I am in the constrcution industry and we use this for our fixture, materials, appliance schedules. 

    I can see this functionality aiding a wide range of businesses - please let your voice be heard if this would help Smartsheets become more useful for your business!


  • GoGators
    GoGators ✭✭✭

    Please add a feature to allow user to paste images into Smartsheet Dashboards.  The current Rich Text widget is too clumsy with formatting for my patience.  I'd much prefer to at least paste a screen shot of a MS PowerPoint slide.  Thank you.

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