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From what I can see, reports do now allow formulas to be created within them (the formulas have to be in the sheets).

I need to share lists of newly signed customers, recently created opportunities (pre-signed), recently cancelled customers, and customers we've decided not to take on along with the contract or potential contract amounts associated with these groups.

I'm pulling data for the report(s) from an on-going sheet, and need to share the information with non-users.

Do I have the ability to create multiple reports and share all of them in a single email, or do I have to try to find another option?


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    Yes, you're correct that formulas can't be created/edited in a report. Great idea though!

    Please submit an Enhancement Request when you have a moment.

    Yes, you can share the reports manually in one email, but I suspect that you want it recurring by a pattern and then it will be one email per report. (Please note that if the people you'd want to send the reports to don't have access to the sheet(s) they will not see anything in the reports. If they can't have access to the sheet(s) you'd have to send it manually, but you could still get an automated report that goes to you, and then you can send that to the others.)

    With a thorough structure and sheet set up, I think that it could be set up so you'll only need one report and it will show everything you need.

    Would that work?

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