Multiple AND

This is my formula:

=IF(AND([Scheduled Complete]6 < TODAY(), [Document Added]6 = 0, Complete6 = 0), 1, 0)

Not sure what i'm missing but as soon I check the box for document added it clears my flag. I don't want the flag to clear until all three criteria are met.



  • Brian W
    Brian W ✭✭
    edited 05/01/19

    Right now you have your true statement as 1 (flag on) if three criteria are met: Scheduled Complete is before today, Document Added is unchecked, Complete is unchecked. As soon as one of those is not met (e.g. Document Added is checked) your formula returns false or 0.

    It sounds like you want your true statement to return 0 (flag off) when three criteria are met (although I'm not sure if you want it to flag when Scheduled Complete is in the future or the past, so you may need to adjust the > to <).

    =IF(AND([Scheduled Complete]@row > TODAY(), [Document Added]@row = 1, Complete@row = 1), 0, 1)


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