Hierarchy in Smartsheet and Jira Connector not working

Parag Jagda
edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

I don't seem to be able to get any hierarchy to work using the Jira connector.


Smartsheet Hierarchy

When I first sync'd my smartsheet with Jira all the rows were rearranged and the entire hierarchy in smartsheet was lost.

So I figured out I need to use Group by in the Jira connector to respect the Smartsheet hierarchy.

When I enabled "Group by" it creates a new row disregarding the existing parent rows in the Smartsheet and rearranges everything.



Jira Hierachy:

Along with this I would also like to preserve the Jira hierarchy when syncing with smartsheets but that doesn't seem to work as well. On the Group by page, Maintain Jira hierarchy grouping is enabled, and the tasks/stories assigned to respective Epics in Jira. But it does not bring the hierarchy in Smartsheet, just adds rows, without any indentation/parent child relation. Any new rows added to an Epic are not entered in Smartsheet under the respective Epics but are all put at the bottom.


Searched the community and the web, couldn't find much help in either places.




  • Nathan Lloyd

    Hi Pj,

    It sounds like the issues you're seeing relate to the Filtered Row Finder process that runs in the background for bidirectional Jira Connector Workflows. At the moment, the Jira Connector won't honor manually established hierarchy in a sheet for these workflow types.

    For manual workflows (unidirectional) you can configure hierarchy because the Filter Row Finder doesn't run on those workflow types.

    If you need to keep this workflow as an automated one, here's what you'll want to do:

    • Setup the Parent Rows in your Sheet
    • Use the Group By options to configure the grouping desired for the sheet you are syncing to
    • Note that the full ancestry is required for this to work as expected
    • You can leave Maintain Jira Hierarchy enabled and issues should still organize based on Jira Hierarchy at the same time

    See my example below. Note that I've got this example setup using only custom groups from the sheet, rather than grouping by fields in Jira. If you want to group by additional Jira fields, you can do so, but you just need to ensure the full hierarchy you're wanting is present in the workflow grouping options.Grouping


    I hope that helps! If you still need help please submit a ticket to Smartsheet Support and we'll be glad to assist!