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Conditional Link/sheet

Ali Naderi
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts

Good day,


I am a user of Smartsheet and am wondering if you guys can assist.


First I will try to draw your kind attention to the task I would like to do in smartsheet, as below:


Sheet 1

ITEM         DESC          COST1               COST2                BCOST        DATE            PERCENTAGE                                        

AA             WOOD       £12.00               £13.00               £12.50        12/4/16           12%

CC              FOOD       £15.00                 £11.00               £12.50        12/4/16           9%                                         



Sheet 2


ITEM                      DESC                      BCOST                   DATE                     PERCENTAGE

AA                           WOOD                  £12.50                 12/4/16 12%


Suppose that I have sheet 1 above an dam keep updating it base don’t he information/columns.

Now I want to create another new sheet (Sheet 2) to have only the selected columns/info from sheet 1.

Once I am completing the row/information in sheet 1 and once the percentage shows 10% or 10% plus it will automatically populate the information into sheet 2 without my action. So each time I visit sheet 2, it is automatically full of the information extracted from sheet 1 for items with more than or plus 10%.


Was I clear?


Can we do such things in smartsheet and if yes, would you please advise me the best easy way to do this?





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