Automatic Children Indenting

edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics



Is it possible to set up a formula for information (if it is the exact same as the parent/child row above) that you have underneath a child/parent row to automatically attach itself inside the Parent/Child Hierarchy? I would rather not have to manually go in and Indent new info from information dumps, as there will consistently be a lot of new data.


For example, I am trying to set up a payroll system where I can dump information onto said sheet, sort the info via the "Sort Rows", and when, for example, "Benny" goes under "Benny's" last payroll week, his new payroll week will automatically attach itself to Benny's Parent/Children Hierarchy so his pay hours will automatically update. (using a =sum(Children()) ) formula in order to total his monthly hours.


Thank you in advance!