Automatic Children Indenting



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    @Andrée Starå no problem, I must do some homework on the API!

  • Caitlin Smith
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    I would add a vote for this capability to be able to set the indenting by some formula. It feels like it should be part you conditional formatting. Let say, I have an Indent Level column with numbers. I use that column to set the indent level for the row.

  • Tobias Fuchs
    edited 10/21/21

    Hello everybody,

    my first post here and I assume I already know the answer :) but is there any update or hope on this?

    In my case one Row is a certain marketing activity. It has a column with different categories. When I pick here one certain category-value, as f.e. "Webinar", a certain before defined sub-activities should be added below that row.

    That, would be awesome :)

    Thanks and best

  • But is there some type of workaround? I need to calculate several row summaries for a linked metrics sheet.

  • In an effort to create a workaround for this deficiency, I created a project plan with a column called "Task Name" and two helper column, one called Ancestors and another called "Formatted Tasks". The Formatted Tasks column can then be used in reports and dashboards to emulate the required indentation. I then hide the helper columns to keep the plan looking clean.

    • The first to calculate the number of ancestors for a row


    • The second to use ". . . " to emulate the indent (dot and space to indent because smartsheet truncates all combinations of multiples spaces into single space even when you use char(32) )

    =IF([email protected] = 1, [Task Name]@row, IF([email protected] = 2, " . . " + [Task Name]@row, IF([email protected] = 3, ". . . . " + [Task Name]@row)))

  • Paul Newcome
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    There are also a few different WBS solutions here in the Community.

  • Joey A.
    Joey A.
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    Good morning - long time reader, first time automatic indenting/child assignment on the road map at all? I have a change/ticket management report where every change has a unique CHG#. For a rollout, a change can have several Child Changes associated with it. The Parent Change # column identifies the Parent Change and indicates that row is a Child Change (otherwise the Parent Change # cell blank identifying it as a Parent Change).

    Because Child Changes are created over time, their # sequencing is all over the place, so I cannot sort. I would like to have the sheet read the Parent Change # column for the Parent Change and move the row, and indent, under the Parent Change as a Child Change.

    The current report of exported changes looks like this. As you can see the parent for CHG0789128 is CHG0787088:

    I would like the parent change to automatically "adopt"/indent its children changes and order them I'm typing this I'm wondering if I can just build a report and group by "Parent Change" column, but at any rate it would be nice to have the sheet do it automatically...but i is what I would like the sheet to look like (without manual intervention):

    Thanks in advance for any feedback/advice/updates!

  • Joey A.
    Joey A.
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    ...and there it is! (in a report anyways)