Working with Time Values in Cells

Whelandon ✭✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Formulas and Functions

Hi all, perhaps someone can help me with a workaround. I have a sheet that captures time values in a column. As far as I know, Smartsheet doesn't recognize time or have any formulas more granular than "Date" formulas. My question is, does anyone know a way to convert time values into numeric values? For example, if the value in the cell is "1:30" (1 minute and 30 seconds), I want to use a formula to output "1.5" (one and a half minutes). This way I can run averages and graphs based on these time figures.

I tried using the RIGHT formula: =RIGHT(Time@row,2)/60 but this doesn't work because it's a text formula and the numbers that are output are being read as text. So with this formula, my formula would give me the isolated 30 that i'm looking for, but when I try to divide that by 60, I get an error because it thinks I'm trying to divide text by numbers.

Has anyone else encountered this problem?





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