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How do I GET Sights?

edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts

Hi All 

I have contacted Smartsheet 'Contact Us' but have not yet heard back. 


What costs or implications are incurred if I want to 'get' Sights? Is this part of our package and I simply need ot activate it or is it an add-on that requires subscription payments?




  • Luisa Powell

    I think it depends on your membership levels with smartsheet. We have the enterprise one at my work and were able to access sights as part of that membership. 


    It took a couple of days to get access to sights, but then its been great. (I did have to contact them twice about it, seems the first time I sent in my details didnt work?) 



  • Tim Meeks
    Tim Meeks ✭✭✭✭✭✭



    It is an additional cost even at the Enterprise level.  We just added it on our current plan. 


    The price quote other places on the community board is $3000 annually.


    But I"m not sure if that is dependent on the plan your company is on or if that is a flat rate.



  • Jamison
    Jamison ✭✭✭✭✭

    I was recently quoted $500 per 'creator' license per year on a team plan. After 2 or 3 the cost drops to $375 or $350 per license, per year.


    So, if you want to be able to creat a sight, you need this license. Still too much, if you ask me.

  • Amye

    Wow, that is a shame. For an 'add on' that is standard in many other softwares that seems excessive.


    And I can see that Dashboard is certainly dead and buried. Buggar! Thanks everyone.

  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Hi Amye, I will follow up with the Sales team to make sure someone contacts you about Sights.



  • Amye

    Thanks Travis, 

    I have heard form the Sales team however I still feel that the costing on this 'add on' that was once a significant function to alot of people is still excessive. I will certainly put it to my higher up but I feel it will be time wasted for everyone. 


    Thanks for helping out.

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