SUMIFS Function Not Working

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Hi Community!

Please see below screenshots, 1st image has the SUMIFS formulae and columns used to create this, and 2nd image is the output result "TotalVacationhoursScheduled". The problem is this SUMIFS is not working as it is not adding up the number of hours from "VacationCalculatedHours" column back to "TotalVacationhoursScheduled". The criteria range is "EmployeeNameList" and criteria is a cell value from the "EmployeeNameList" . The problem remains all through that coloumn. Existing numbers that are currently displayed are hand coded ("+<numeric value> as shown below:

{=SUMIFS(VacationCalculatedHours:VacationCalculatedHours, EmployeeNameList:EmployeeNameList, <EmployeeNameList>) +<numeric value>}


Appreciate assistance.




SUMIFS Formulae.jpg

SUMIFS Result_.jpg



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