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Hello, everyone -

I'd really appreciate some help writing a conditional formula for a field entitled "Aging Type".

There are 4 valid values for the field -

Waiting on Approval

Waiting on RFx

Waiting on PO

Waiting on Payment

Waiting on COP

The values are based on seven columns -

ECM/IM Approved

RFx #

RFx Sub'd

PO #

COP Accepted

Billed in EBusiness

Received in Citi

It goes like this -

If Received in Citi is blank and Billed in EBusiness is not, then "Waiting on Payment"

If Billed in EBusiness is blank and COP Accepted is blank or N/A then "Waiting on COP"

If PO # is blank and RFx Sub'd is not, then "Waiting on PO"

If ECM/IM Approved is not blank and RFx # is blank then "Waiting on RFx"

If ECM/IM Approved is blank then "Waiting on Approval"

I filled in the values manually in the screenshot but I would like to have a formula that does it for me.

I would so appreciate the help with this. I'm not great with these types of formulas and it would take me too long to figure it out so I'd end up just continuing to fill this in manually every day.

Thanks in advance!





aging type formula.JPG



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