Using Sumif within the sum range

Jacob Slaathaug
edited 12/09/19 in Formulas and Functions

I'm trying to sumif my % complete (and eventually average that number) within a summary row in the same column above.  I can do this for 1 row, but when I fill the formula down it creates a circular reference and blocks the row above as well.

Is it possible to solve this without using a helper column?

I've also tried using sumifs and adding additional criteria, but I come up with the same result.

In [% Complete]15

=SUMIF([Schedule Allocation]:[Schedule Allocation], [Task Name]@row, [% Complete]:[% Complete])

Blocked sumif.JPG



  • Alejandra
    Alejandra Employee

    Hi Jacob,

    As you have found, a circular reference means your formula is referencing itself. Based on the set up of your sheet, I'd suggest starting your sum range at the parent row labeled "Work Group Progress". Although it's not ideal, since new rows are not automatically included in the range, it's the only way to store your formula in the % complete column without getting a #CIRCULAR REFERENCE error. You could also consider storing the formula in one of your existing columns.

    If needed, more information on formula error messages can be found here:

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