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Drop Down Menu Questions

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Hi there - 


We are using Web Forms for new product input from Outside Sales. Is there a way to have the forms emailed to a specific person if a specific category or a specific criteria is met? 


I have four Product Managers, all responsible for different types of products. In the Web Form, I have a drop down menu for the specific types of products. If a sales rep filling out the form clicks on Wood, is there a way that a notification can be sent to my Wood Product Manager, and not all the others?


And finally, can the URL of the link to the Web Form I create be changed?


Thanks for any light you can shed. 



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  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Hello! There are a couple ways you can email specific users based on what is inputted in a web form. 


    The first option is to create a separate notification for each user that will trigger when a category is selected. In these examples, we will use a Dropdown List (called “Dropdown”) with an option for “wood”. 


    -Insert a checkbox column named Wood Project Manager

    -Add a formula to the entire checkbox column that will ‘check’ if the corresponding Dropdown cell contains the word “wood”:


    =IF(Dropdown1 = “wood”, 1)


    -Set notification to email the Wood Project Manager if “Wood Project Manager” changes

    -Hide the “Wood Project Manager” column

    -Repeat for each employee/department


    Another option is to use the service, Zapier which utilizes our API to perform automated actions. You could set up a ‘zap’ that sends a specified user an email containing row information if a field in the row contains a specified value. Check out zapier.com for more information. 

  • Fantastic - thanks for the option information. Both sound like they would have their beneficial uses. I may try both and see which works best! I love SmartSheet! 


    Thank you for the quick response. 



  • Hi Travis - 


    I figured out most of it; however, you mentioned applying the formula to the entire drop down column. How do I get it to do this? 

    I was able to get the check box formula to work on the first line, but once another entry is added, the boxes aren't checked. 


    Any suggestions?  


    I need it to check the respective box (and send email notification) each time a new entry is made. It worked once, but that was it. 


    Thanks in advance! 


  • Travis
    Travis Employee
    edited 06/11/15

    Once you have the formula built in the first cell, drag fill it down your sheet by clicking and holding the bottom right of the cell and drag down your sheet. Once you have the formula added to each row, the auto-filling function will add this formula to new rows that are added to your sheet. 

  • Hello Travis;


    Okay, have been using the new drop down menu and such for a bit over a week now. I have gone in and created the formula that allows a type of product to be changed. However, even though I have my notifications set to specific people being notified when something in their column changes - it is still sending notifications to everyone. And then we get emails saying there was a changed row - of course, it highlights in yellow, and it seems that any time anything changes, it lets everyone know. 


    Example: the first row was a functional product. Someone submits another product idea for decorative. This changes the "type" of product. It removes the check in the functional box, puts a check in the decorative box - but notifies both managers (functional and decorative) that there was a change and both columns are highlighted. 


    I can do a screen shot if this makes no sense at all. LOL  Am just wondering if the formula needs to be changed, etc. 


    Any suggestions?  I just don't want to have to create a smart sheet for each product type, if I can keep from it. 


    Thanks for all the help - 



  • Travis, I thought I would include a screen shot of what it looks like. Basically, what I need is when the Product Line category is selected in the WebForm, I need only certain individuals to receive email notifications. Example: Functional Hardware is selected. I need only those individuals associated with Functional Hardware to receive the email notification that a change has been made. 


    What we are getting is the Product Line is selected, a check mark in the appropriate box shows up, but everyone receives the notification that changes have been made. Any thoughts? Or what am I doing wrong?  LOL


    Product Line Screen Shot.PNG

  • Travis
    Travis Employee
    edited 06/29/15

    Hi Shawmarie, I apologize, I do not think my first solution will work for you. When you add a new row, the formulas are automatically added to the new row. Because they are added, each cell is ‘updated’ and will send a notification to whoever is set to receive one for those columns. I would try the Zapier method I suggested.  

  • Hello,

    I have 13 people on my team, and would like to share my Smartsheet with all of them. However, I only want them to be able to edit and add information on their assigned row, in other words, I do not want other members of my team being able to alter information that is not theirs. Is there a way to limit everyone's accessibility in a sheet, and how would I go about this?

    Kind regards,


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