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Can't scroll on Sheet Data (Sights Widget)

edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts

Is this likely an issue with my browser or is it simply how that widget functions?


I have 10 cells referenced for the widget and have it condensed to save space on my Sight.



  • Daniel Stein

    Thanks for the question. The Sheet Data widget does not scroll, because we believe that viewers of Sights will generally have a better experience if they don't need to scroll small widgets in order to see data. The Report widget and Rich Text widgets are the only widgets that scroll, because those ones are more likely to contain a large amount of content.


    That said, if you feel comfortable sharing a screenshot of your Sight, we'd be interested to take a look and will certainly incorporate your feedback as we continue to release enhancements to Sights.



    Daniel Stein

    Product Manager | Smartsheet

  • Ron42na
    Ron42na ✭✭✭✭

    Any news on this one?  I can't share a screen shot since it has sensitive data, but we have a main dashboard with links to many other sheets/reports.  When viewed on a PC the entire lists are visible without having to scroll within the widgets.  But, on my iPhone 6+ (and other phones), only a few items are visible in each widget, and since scrolling doesn't work - those items are not accessible via the mobile apps.

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