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Car Rental Calendar using Gant

Chris Dudek
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts

Hello Everyone;


My wife and I own a car rental company in beautiful St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands.  The previous owners have always used a paper calendar reservation system which essentially has all 70 cars on the right hand side of the board and three months of columns to the left.  Is there a way to ceate a gant chart using the same idea?  I can only make it work for one reservation,   I want to book a car from May 5th-15th and then May15th-25, how do I do this?




  • Dave D

    Hi Chris! I havent been to the Virgins Islands myself by I hear it is quite beautiful!


    You can do this with the Gantt chart. I have a couple ideas for this.


    The first is to create a separate hierarchy for each car, then a row under the hierarchy for each reservation. This will keep like cars together on concurrent rows, and allow you to see them clearly on the Gantt so you can tell if it is reserved or not. 


    The other option is to just have a running list of reservations then use filters to show only one car so you can look at the Gantt chart and see if it is reserved.


    The Calendar view will work with this too! 


    What do you think? 

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