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I have a formula in place to have a certain value in a cell if the modified date is today "Updated", and if not display a different value "Not Updated".

However, this seems to work when I open my sheet the next day the value is "Not Updated", but then the modified date updates after saving, because the formula has updated the value to "Not Updated" today and because modified date is now todays date it's setting the formula value back to "Updated.

Is there anyway to ignore changes in a particular cell, column for the modified date? or any way around this?

It's important that I have a column displaying these values as we're using the sheets as input to another tool to show a row was updated at the end of the day. Highlighting the row changes is not sufficient for this.



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    Unfortunately, it's not possible to exclude a cell/column for the modification column. The modification column is for the whole row.

    Would it work if you checked the specific columns for changes instead?

    There might also be a possibility to set something up with the help of a third-party solution like Zapier.

    Would any of those options work?

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