Return value if one condition is met

Veronica J
edited 12/09/19 in Formulas and Functions

Good Morning,

I am trying this formula within my sheet in a brand new column:

=IF([Planned Start Date]@row - 21 <= TODAY(), [Estimated Hours Number]@row, "")

For this column, if someone put a date that falls between today and three weeks from today, to return the job site hours that is found in the column Estimated Hours Number. IF the date doesn't fall within the three weeks or if the cell is blank, return a blank. 

This formula keeps returning a value. The IF condition isn't met, it still returns the value found in column Estimated Hours Number. I don't understand how it is doing this when the condition is false. I have tried using "" and using 0. Do I need to restructure this formula?

Thank you,




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