Reminders/Alerts based on Date

Sinema ✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics


I know there are new workflows, but I'm trying to create a complaint system inside of Smartsheet.

One thing I'm trying to do is setup something based on the date the row was created.


If row is created on 06/02/2019 then notifications is sent out to the people that are tied to the Category. (I'm still figuring that out)

Anyway, the time frames will change based on what the powers that be set, but right now I'm just coming up with something to show them.

I'm trying to set it up so notifications are sent the day of, 2 days after creation, and 5 days after creation.

I'm wanting to setup a column .. I'm thinking it'll have to be a RYG column as well that uses this same logic.