Creating a Formula to track inventory

Hi All,

i am trying to track inventory and alert appropriate personnel of when they should order more parts according to lead time.

For the most part everything is working well. However, when parts come into the building and are added to inventory my formula still deducts anything that was sent previously. i am assuming that i may be able to set something up with rules and dates shipped vs. date parts are received for inventory. For example:

We have 10 widgets in inventory

on 5/1/19 we shipped 5 (only have 5 left, time to order more)

10 more widgets come in on 5/5/19 and are added to inventory

inventory should be 15 widgets. however my formula will still subtract the 5 that were shipped before more parts came in and only show us having 10 in stock.


Is there a way to set a "if-then statement" to stop smartsheet from continuosly deducting parts that are already out of the building?


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