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Publish Reports as Read only HTML (same as sheets)

Phil Smith
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts



I'm currently sharing some progress tracking sheets by publishing them via "livesheets for Powerpoint" and then running the Powerpoint through a large display screen in a number of our offices. This is allowing us to keep a wider group of staff informed of progress.


In an ideal world I would have looked at using SIGHTS but I'm struggling to justify purchasing it until there is a little functionality that I would like (it's on the future roadmap).


My question/query is:

Is there a way to publish a report in the sme way that you can publish a sheet? Ideally I want to publish a sheet via READ Only - HTML (Lightweight) and not through the normal READ ONLY - FUILL access. 


The main reason is the the READ Only - HTML version (used for sheets only) is more seamless for the scrolling presentation. The page just loads through the embedded web link whereas the reports link take a few seconds to lead and you get the Smartsheet 'loader' screen.






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