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I want a master calendar so I can see where our in house crew is working and other individuals so I may schedule them throughout multiple jobs. Now, we use individual sheets to gantt construction jobs. I want to find a calendar program (because SS does not have time stamp) were I am scheduling resources through out the day, week, month in a calendar while I can see synced SS sheets with each allocation into calendar. 

  • If sync SS sheets into iCal, I can not see subscribed calendars on iCloud.
  • If I sync sheets into Google calendar it is shown as an all day even and is un editable
  • If I sync sheets into Google calendar I can only see "Job Name", "Task", and then a link back to smartsheet. I can not see who its allocated to unless I go back to SS.
  • Reports can not syn with any calendar. This link talks on and on about how picking scheduling software is important but nothing about how to utilize it. 

Does anyone have a simple way to use Smartsheet Gantts and schedule resources on a calendar???


  • sean59916
    sean59916 ✭✭✭

    Interesting as i'm having similar challenges this end with a potential client and found out most of the challenges you are mentioning.

    One potential route i'm looking at is using an integration with Zapier to create calendar events - with the true duration of the event (not just an all day event)!

    I'm not sure if this any good for your circumstance, but, thought I would let you know of how i'm looking to solution it for my use case.




  • Andrée Starå
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    I've created a solution for a client that shows the most relevant data in the calendar, both in Smartsheet and Google or iCloud. It still shows as whole day events, but it will show the time, assigned to and more in the name of the event.

    Would that help/work?

    Have a fantastic day!


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