COUNTIFS for year within criteria

I am pretty new to using formulas.  I'm working on a dashboard for one of my sheets and I want to show how many escalations a plant has had this year alone.  Here is what I have so far:

=COUNTIFS(([Plant]:[Plant], "Changzhou"), IFERROR(YEAR(@cell), 0) = 2019)

I've tried many different variations based on my scouring of this community but I keep getting #unparseable error.  Can anyone help me get it right?  Thanks!


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    The main thing I notice is that your second part of your countifs statement doesn't have a range. You aren't telling it where to look for the date. Once you have determined what formula you want to use, if you aren't sure how to properly utilize the formula, the official smartsheet documentation is a much faster way to learn how to implement than the community.


    =countifs([Plant]:[Plant], "Changzhou",Date:Date,Year(@cell)=2019)


  • Jen Tankersley
    edited 06/12/19

    I got it!  Thanks for your help!  My first copy/paste didn't work.  I had to make some tweaks.  Here is what it was in the end:

    =COUNTIFS(Plant:Plant, "Changzhou", [Date of Issue]:[Date of Issue], YEAR(@cell) = 2019)

  • L_123
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    Not a problem. If you want to not have to edit the formula each year by having it update itself every year, you can do something like this


    =COUNTIFS(Plant:Plant, "Changzhou", [Date of Issue]:[Date of Issue], YEAR(@cell) = year(today())

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