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edited 12/09/19 in Formulas and Functions

I've been having some difficulty trying to solve this one:

  • I have a master sheet where forms are inputted
  • For each row there are two columns I need to set up in an IF for, and one where I need a value inputted from another sheet
  • I imagine it like this: IF column 1@row = {other sheet} …This reference should search an entire column - this is where I am getting INCORRECT ARGUMENT. The point is that if column1@row is equal to the same value in any row fromt his other sheet in a specific column, Then
  • IF [Created]@row is between two dates from the same {other sheet} ... I know how to do this one, Then
  • INPUT the value in column in {other sheet}.

I'm not sure the combination of VLOOKUP / INDEX / IF(AND / etc functions I need to do.


The purpose behind this is really just a search query. If this name is also found in {other sheet} and the date is inbetween two dates from {other sheet} then take this third value from {other sheet} and input it.


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