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When coding issues get beyond the incorporated realm of Smartsheet, such as in my recent post about time/date stamping, it is my understanding that Zapier, Smartsheet API, or compatible languages come into play. So, what are the opinions in the community about this. Do most folks incorporate a conglomerate of apps or stick to one outside app such as Javascript or Python? The work that I do does not allow access to outside health protected databases (HIPPA rules), so typing relevant information into Smartsheet cells from various outside sources is the way I have to work. That said, things like time or date stamping a Smartsheet cell based upon a row update in another same row cell would be a big help. I am familiar with Javascript and Python (more so with Python), and am willing to dive head first into these programs. But I thought I would first reach out for your thoughts. In the meantime, I'm still learning the Smartsheet system. I am also learning the Javascript subset for Adobe Acrobat to help with various form automations Thank you.


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