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Check box without overwriting formula ?

edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts



Here's the problem I'm facing. For each task, I'd like the two following columns : 

- one checkbox

- one harvey ball 

Users can either update the harvey ball or check the box.

Can the box be checked :

- Automatically when harvey ball = full" (=IF([Harbey Ball]= "Full", 1, 0)

- AND manually by user, without overwriting the formula above ?


Thanks for your advice! 




  • Zac

    If someone manually checks the box, the formula will be overwritten, there is no way around that. If you wish to keep the formula there, I would lock the checkbox column and have people only update the harvey ball column or vice versa.

  • Sum81
    edited 05/25/16

    Ok, thanks ! I'll do with it (probably suppress the checkbox column) 

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