Checkbox formula using =IF(OR

edited 12/09/19 in Formulas and Functions

I am trying to find a formula to check a box based on another cell in the row having either maintenance OR support (along with other text) but keep getting an #INCORRECT ARGUMENT SET error.


The formula works perfectly for one criteria i.e. =IF(FIND("Maintenance", $[Item description]@row) >= 1, 1, 0) but when I try to add the second FIND using the OR function I get an error message.


Please could someone advice where I am going wrong with this formula or if there is an alternative way to get to the desired outcome  - a checked box if either maintenance or support are present in the item description column


=IF(OR(FIND("Maintenance", $[Item description]@row) >= 1, 1, 0, FIND("Support", $[Item description]@row) >= 1, 1, 0))


Thank you


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