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I’m sure this is easy and I am missing something fundamental.  I have searched other conversations but can’t debug my formula.


I have a detailed project sheet (that is at max capacity…therefore I have created a separate sheet to do some counts so I can create pie charts and dashboards.

I’d like to count the number of sites in a region and am running into the wrong value being returned or an error message.  I am referencing another sheet and am counting the number of sites in a region for the outline level 1….which was my way of counting unique values.  Can anyone advise me of my mistake?


This formula returns ‘0’ for NA, which is incorrect

COUNTIFS({MetricsRegion_Internal}, "NA", {MetricsOutlineLevelCount_Internal}, ="1")


This formula gives me an incorrect argument error

COUNTIFS({MetricsCountSite_Internal}, {MetricsRegion_Internal}, "NA", {MetricsOutlineLevelCount_Internal}, ="1")




2019-06-25 10_42_45-SP Automation - Internal Sites - Smartsheet.com_.png

2019-06-25 10_43_26-Metrics Counts - Internal - Smartsheet.com_.png



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