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We have a data base of Subcontractors, that is created in a sheet.  I am trying to have a tracking sheet (Bid/Contract Request) from bidding to contracts per job and per subcontractor.  I have a column of subs that I have linked from the data base and then a column (checkbox) per job.  Then the superintendents will go to this sheet and checkbox who they need a bid request sent out too. So from there I tried to have a report pull the subs that would work that job and have report per job, so that per job we could track the bidding --> contract process.  Not sure which direction to go next. I have created a couple of different ways to do this. However both are having issues that I can' figure out.

As we were check marking the progress on the job report, it was sending it back to the Bid/Contract Request sheet. From there it was bleeding over to other job reports. Is there a place that I can turn it off so that each report is isolated and does not pass info onto other reports? So far trying this out, selections (or checked boxes) are transferring to other reports. This makes it not very accurate.

I also made an individual sheet per job. I linked the data base to these sheets, and I have tried it out and it shows if I add a new Subcontractor to our data base, it will not transfer (or forward ) that information to the Bid/Contract sheet. Maybe I am missing something, could someone point me in the direction or give me a step by step so that I can double check my linking skills.

Thank you all for your help on these questions.





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    Hi Kim,

    Can you maybe share some screenshots? (Delete/replace any confidential/sensitive information before sharing) That would make it easier to help.

    Have a fantastic weekend!


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