Sheet content, shifting rows

edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

Oh boy I have a good one today. Please Help!

On Friday I was working on my data base sheet, linking cells in a couple different columns to another sheet. (I hid the columns in between, to make it easier). Today, I noticed that the columns in between have shifted down a few and the further I get down them worst it gets (towards the bottom it is off about 8 rows).  And to add to that, the attachments have also shifts off of the correct row. I have noticed that some cells from the primary column got re-alphabetized (parent/child rows shuffled) and other cell became child rows that have not been before and are child rows to parents that have nothing in common. I also noticed that my strike through check boxes have shifted as well.

Now I know that I am trying to learn all of this by trial and error, however this is super frustrating.

I have gone back and unlinked all of the cells (well over 3500 of them), in hopes that this would help correct the situation.  This did not help.

Any ideas how this may have happened or better yet a easy way to fix this.


Thank you for your comments in advance.