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Repeating list of tasks


I'm often finding that I have a list of tasks/checklist that are often repeated, so I'm looking for the best approach to manage this. 


For example, suppose I have five business units in a company I'm working with, and that I'm tasked with transitioning each of the business units to a new system. I'm required to maintain ALL tasks for this project in a single sheet, as there can be many other tasks that are different between all the business units and so it's useful to be able to see all pending tasks in one place. 


Is there any way to create a checklist type template and embed that for each business units under their hierarchy in the task list? Basically, I'd like to avoid copying and pasting this repetitive list of subtasks, and also make it easier to update maintain, but certainly I can just copy and paste, so it's not like there isn't an option, 




  • Kennedy Stomps

    Mike-- It sounds like you're looking to create a template for a section of a sheet--the tasks under each business unit--rather than a template of an entire sheet. We don't currently support creating templates for just a portion of a sheet, or any other shortcuts that I think would make this process any faster than copying and pasting the sections.


    One option might be to invest a little time now in making a basic template that lists the most common tasks you find yourself repeating in your sheets. When you start working with a new company, you can create a new sheet from the template, then copy and move rows around within the sheet, rather than needing to copy and paste from another existing sheet, or enter data multiple times.  Hope this helps!

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