Notifications with Google Hangouts?

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I have Google Hangouts bot activated in Smartsheet and the two bots connected. Despite that, I can't manage to create an Automated Notification that sends to Google Hangouts. Anyone know how to do that? I would expect an option to appear here (see screenshot) like the Slack option does but I can't make it pop up. Help? 




  • Hi kristajoy,

    Thank you for your inquiry. The Google Hangouts notifications are sent to users via a standard automated request, reminder or alert. There is no separate workflow for Hangouts. For other users to receive notifications from the Smartsheet bot, they will have to follow the same process of activating the bot via Google Hangouts Chat and have their email address included within the automated workflow.


    I have set up an alert to notify me when any value changes in my Primary Column. Below is a screenshot of my workflow. As you can see, all that is included is my Smartsheet email. Once the rows are changed and the sheet is saved, I receive an alert via Google Hangout Chats informing me that an update has been made. 

    Additional information regarding Hangouts Notifications can be found here:

    If you wish to receive notifications from only hangout chats and not via Email as well, you can alter your notification settings by navigating to your Profile and Select Apps & Integrations. The above articles explain this in more detail.

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  • I'm having a related issue. I have the chat bot installed and connected... but everytime I try sending myself an update or approval request it just comes in as a blank chat message from smartsheet bot.

  • Hi there @Daryl Peereboom ,

    There could be a few issues causing this. One may be the browser used. Please can you test this in different browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge) to idenytify if the same behaviour occurs.

    If the issue is still occuring after attempting the above, you may want to reach out to the Smartsheet Support team for further investigation:



  • Zachw
    Zachw ✭✭✭

    I am having the same issue as Daryl reported.

    I have had the google chat smartsheet notifications bot setup/working perfectly for last ~6 months

    Only In the last ~48 hours, this seems to have broken. I still get the notification with a timestamp but they are all showing up blank, usually there is a 'card' that details what each notification is, with link to the item in smartsheet, etc.

    I have tried troubleshooting by removing/deleting the smartsheet google chat bot and re-adding/re-configuring it.

    Notifications still are all blank


    Version 81.0.4044.122 (Official Build) (64-bit)

    I already opened a support ticket with smartsheet but curious if this is something others are also experiencing

  • I noticed the same as you @Zachw That's exactly how the notifications look in my chat as well.

  • The issue with the Google chat bot has been resolved for all new notifications. We are continuing to work with Google to resolve the issue so past notifications can display correctly.


    Urmila Kukreja

    Senior Product Manager