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Andrew Grant
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts

I want to create a sheet to hold documents and track versions as they are edited by members of a group, any ideas


  • Joy Durham
    edited 06/22/16

    Have you thought of using Version Control?  While it's not a part of Smartsheet, since you are using it to keep track of documents, you could have users do a 'version' control of the document they are working on/from.


    We use it to track research meeting agendas & minutes, trial documents, etc., so here's what the title would look like:


    Trial Acronym_Document Description_version_date

    12345 Ghost_Protocol_v.0.1_2016.06.22  


    As the versions change, the version number changes with it. Once it's finalized you start using whole integers.  For anyone that is making edits, the would add their initials to the end of the document


    Trial Acronym_Document Description_version_date_Initials MMDDYY

    12345 Ghost_Protocol_v.0.1_2016.06.22_JLD 062216


    Just an idea to think about

  • Hi Andrew-- To confirm, Smartsheet will assist with Version Control of documents by allowing you to upload a file of the same name multiple times, each time as a unique version of the document.


    For example, if you are working on a document and attach it to the sheet on Monday, then make changes to the document, you can attach the new version to the sheet on Tuesday and Smartsheet will offer you the ability to upload the file as a new version. You can then track the different versions of a file attached to the sheet over time. More information on this can be found in our Help Center.

  • Hi Kennedy,

    My colleague and I enjoy working with SmartSheets. We need to know what is the best method for versioning.

    Use Case:

    Project Manager is sharing the SmartSheet file. Making changes throughout the lifecycle of a project.

    Customer questions what changed. 


    What is the best method for versioning and keeping history of changes?


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