getting cell value by row id and column id

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I am the primary column id. I want to iterate over rows and get cellvalues of the primary col in python.

for MyRow in my_sheet.rows:

After this is there any direct function to get the cell value using parameters,primary_col_id?




  • dAVE Inden
    dAVE Inden Employee

    The primary column is noted in the column objects of the columns array on the sheet object. It isn't noted in the cell objects for the rows. There isn't a function to get the cell value of the primary column for each row.

    To get this data I would first do a get_sheet request to get the full data of the sheet. You can then loop over the objects in the columns array checking for if there is a primary attribute and if it is true. That will help you get the columnId of the primary column.

    Next you can do another get_sheet request and provide the column id of the primary column to the column_ids argument for the get_sheet method. This will return back the data o the sheet with only showing data for the primary column. You can then iterate over the rows array and pull out the cell for each row to get the data of the primary column.