Tracking changes to a Column within last week



I'm trying to find a way to count the number of items which have been updated to a 'complete' status within the last week. I have 10 sheets and they all have a status column (not started, started, complete etc.).

I've tried using the 'modified date' column to determine if the status was updated, although I'm aware the 'modified date' system column updates whenever there is any change to the row, and not a specific column within a row.

I can create a baseline of the 'Complete' statuses for each sheet and then deduct previous weeks count of 'Complete' to calculate the variance, although I would like to find a way to automate, as the other data points in the dashboard are all automated.

Ideally there is a way of pulling an automated report which could tell me the amount of 'complete' status between a certain period.

Thanks for your help,



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